Four Examples of When NOT to Use Functional Diagnostic Testing to Improve your Health

As many of you know, I’ve incorporated functional diagnostic testing into my health coaching practice and the value provided by testing is huge! “Test, don’t guess” is my new motto when it comes to figuring out if you have stomach issues, gluten intolerance, hormone imbalances and/or just wondering what in the world is going on in your body. However, here are 4 examples of when NOT to test and put simply, save your money.

If your Diet Sucks

If you’re eating the standard American (SAD) diet and/or your diet sucks, don’t bother testing. We’re all intolerant to toxic chemicalized fake food; the only difference is our tolerance levels and how it affects us. Some people feel the effects immediately with symptoms (i.e. gut discomfort, bloat, skin issues, lack of energy) and others more sub-clinically (i.e. chronic inflammation). Regardless of how you’re body handles it, testing for root causes of any of the above listed dysfunctions is pointless if your diet currently sucks.

Change your diet first (obviously, with a whole REAL food diet), stick to it for a while and THEN test if you’re still experiencing symptoms and/or still wondering what in the world is going on.

If you Sacrifice Sleep.

If you’re constantly sacrificing sleep for your fav NETFLIX shows (or anything else for that matter) don’t bother testing. Sleep is huge when it comes to overall health (see here, here, and here for examples) and sacrificing sleep for ANY reason will definitely affect your health. Stop perpetuating dysfunction on a nightly basis and instead instill a healthy sleep inducing routine. Once you’ve done this, and you’re STILL struggling with your health, THEN test to see what’s going on.

If you don’t Move.

If your days consists of you moving from your desk chair, to your car, then to another chair, maybe a couch and finally your bed then don’t bother testing. Physical movement is HUGE for overall health and if you’re body has been experiencing the same 10 movements for the past 10 years, don’t bother testing. Our bodies are meant to move in a multitude of complex ways and unfortunately, many people don’t even scratch the surface of this capability. You don’t have to look like this:



OR this….




…but you DO have to have some physical activity going on in your daily routine. THEN, if you’re still achy, tired, brain fogged or sick, go ahead and test.

If you’re Attitude Sucks.

If you’re overall attitude sucks and you don’t have an open mind and/or growth mindset when it comes to solving and/or working on your health issues, don’t bother testing either. One of the hallmark benefits of testing is to help you get to the “root cause” of your health issues and if you have no intent and/or desire and/or have a typical “victim” mindset when it comes to making the diet and lifestyle changes necessary to alleviate and/or remove the “root cause,” don’t bother testing. All you’ll be doing is “confirming” something is “wrong” and use the results to fulfill you’re continued dysfunctional beliefs of “it’s not your fault, it’s genetic, I can’t change it.” The whole point of testing is to identify what you CAN change and then do it. This stems from a growth oriented mindset.

If you’re one of those people that needs results on paper to help motivate you to start making the lifestyle changes needed then by all means, test! Keep in mind though that documented, unfavorable results (and symptoms) will all most likely greatly improved with the simple dietary and lifestyle changes listed above.

Contact me today if you’re struggling with initiating and/or maintaining any of the above changes and/or, of course, still feel that you’d benefit from functional diagnostic lab work.

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