What my clients have to say...

Roula changed my life!
Discovering My Healthy Soma was the answer to my prayers. I’d endured four years of health issues: an early stage rare cancer and subsequent chemotherapy began a chain reaction—one malady inadvertently causing another. My immune system never rebounded after chemo; a simple cold would knock me out. Two years of activity restrictions left me painfully out of shape. Add to that years of digestive issues, and the onset of hormone issues, triggered by early perimenopause from chemo.
Roula is so knowledgeable, positive and non-judgmental, and truly passionate about what she does. She showed me a different way of thinking about my health and overall well-being. Her approach is simple and effective: small changes each day make a difference. In several months, I have become stronger, healthier, slimmer, less stressed, and more focused than ever. With Roula’s coaching, I will continue to thrive, and become a better me each and every day.-Maria K., Elmhurst, IL
I contacted Roula because my 9 year old daughter was experiencing digestive sluggishness and bloating, which was not only affecting her health, but also her mental wellbeing.
For years, we tried over the counter medications that were not working. We’re currently halfway through Roula’s six month program. Through individual coaching sessions, group sessions (both me and my daughter), online fermenting classes, and suggestions all targeting digestive health, we have seen a huge improvement in her bloating and digestion! Bloating has gone down, and her digestive processes are finally normal! Roula’s knowledge and continued support during her program has allowed my family and I learn how to incorporate a more holistic and healthy approach to not only what we eat but to our whole lifestyle. I would highly recommend her to anyone who may be experiencing digestive difficulties themselves or within their family. -Patty M., Bahamas
I’m 44 years old and suffer from scleroderma, hypothyrodism and was about to be put on cholesterol lowering medications by my doctor.
I was depressed and worried I wouldn’t be able to change my prognosis due to my age. Roula helped me identify my goals: weight loss, lowering my cholesterol, higher energy levels, and education on what’s healthy for me. Roula’s coaching sessions, education and ongoing support, along with my dedication and commitment, provided exactly what I needed to quickly reach my goals!
I immediately started experiencing the benefits of her program and saw results fast. In the beginning, I referred to her as my secret whenever people asked what I was doing; my improvements were visibly obvious! I reached my weight loss goal, have more energy and overall feel so much more confident when it comes to making diet related decisions! I would highly recommended her to anyone interested in taking control of their diet and health. -Jeannette B., Westmont, IL
I began working with Roula after the birth of my second child.
The pregnancy hormones were intense and post-partum wasn’t any better. I was chronically fatigued, and my entire body felt inflamed and swollen, on top of the fat I gained from pregnancy. My joints hurt so badly I could hardly walk or hold my newborn.
Prior to that, I struggled with bloating for nearly a decade. I’m currently seeing improvements in all of these areas! The gift of working with Roula is the guidance and encouragement, combined with accountably she provides. Between learning how to meal plan, how to best combine foods, detoxing and supplement use, I feel that not only I, but my whole family is 360 degrees healthier today. -Amanda A., Portsmouth, Va
Thanks to Roula for guiding me to a healthier version of myself!
Weird symptoms like feeling irritated, fatigue, hair loss, weakness and most importantly weight gain, are why I seeked out Roula’s services. Having attempted to resolve everything on my own and failing, Roula introduced me to a whole new school of thought: to get to the root of my symptoms rather than continue to deal with symptoms alone.
I started off with a few of the tests Roula recommended, which she then broke down the results by fully explaining what they mean and how they relate to my current health and weight. I’ve been making the changes to my diet and lifestyle as suggested by her and I feel stronger AND in control of my health more and more every day. Words can’t describe how grateful I am to have Roula as my coach. She’s gone over and beyond, helping me find the root cause of my weight and health issues. She is professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy. I’m blessed to have met her and continue to have her guide me to a healthier me. -TJ M., Elmhurst, IL

I’ve worked with Roula on and off over the years for various health and wellness issues.

The understanding, guidance and education that I receive from her is spot on. I’m always 100% confident in her knowledge, since she seems to always know exactly what direction I should take, when it comes to making lifestyle changes and improving my health…even though I have 3 kids, a full-time job, and an overall busy lifestyle!

She totally relates and always takes all of this into account when working with me! I’m currently invested in Roula’s Intro program and am waiting on my test results. Having worked with Roula in the past and seen improvements, I’m thoroughly excited to see what exactly is going on “inside” of my body and why now, I’m always fatigued AND gaining weight. With my results, her knowledge and her training I know I’ll be able to start making the changes needed and start seeing results. Not only has Roula proved to be a great health coach over the years, but I consider her a good friend as well! -Julie B. Elmhurst, IL