Healthy Soma Intro

2 sessions • 1 required lab • All sessions must be completed within 6 weeks

This package is for you if you’re not quite ready to commit to a health building program, but are ready to learn how your body works from a functional perspective. With the two required labs, you’ll find out what’s going on in your body, and how these results relate to your symptoms. You’ll also receive an individualized protocol on how to bring your body back to balance.

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Healthy Soma Supercharged

6 sessions • 2 required labs • All sessions must be completed within 4 months

This 3 month package is for you if you’re ready to start making the diet and lifestyle changes needed for success AND want accountability, guidance and education. If you’re struggling with weight loss, have gut-related issues, or additional vague symptoms (like mood swings, fatigue or PMS) AND need help along the way, this package is for you.

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Healthy Soma Premium

12 sessions • 2 required labs • All sessions must be completed within 10 months

This intensive package is designed to provide constant support and accountability to help you make the behavior and lifestyle changes needed, so that you can ensure long term success.

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Lecture/Workshop Opportunities

My Healthy Soma with Roula offers customized health and wellness workshops to help further support employees and residents on their path to well-being. Workshops are currently running in Arlington Heights, IL (park district), Bloomingdale, IL (park district), and Schaumburg, IL (corporate). The list below is not exhaustive and some additional ideas for workshops and/or campaigns include workplace stretching, fitness-related devices and apps, mid-winter blues, back health, and exercise.

Choose from the following or contact me to discuss other options: 

  • Baking with Alternative Flours Workshop: Is Going Gluten Free Right for You?
  • Listen to Your Gut: The Importance of Gut Health
  • Probiotic Filled Foods: Sauerkraut
  • Probiotic Filled Foods: Kefir
  • Metabolic Chaos: The Real Reason You May Be Struggling to Lose Weight
  • Mediterranean Cooking and Its Health Benefits


*10% of all purchases are donated to the Institute of Responsible Technology: the most comprehensive source of GMO health information on the web. Because not only do we have a right to know where our food comes from, but it’s our right to ALWAYS know.