Healthy Soma Supercharged

This 3-month package is for you if you’re ready to start making the diet and lifestyle changes needed for success AND want accountability, guidance and education. If you’re struggling with weight loss, have gut-related issues, or additional vague symptoms (like mood swings, fatigue or PMS) AND need help along the way, this package is for you.

Wondering why the one size fits all approach to dealing with your struggles hasn’t worked?

You’ve tried to make changes in your diet and exercise habits and you’re still not losing weight. Why? Because even though we all have the same symptoms, we DO NOT all have the same internal imbalances that lead to our symptoms.

The investment in this 3-month program that will help you identify what is truly going on inside of you, along with a step-by-step guide on how to change it, will allow you to be the best version of YOU.

Session 1

30-45 minutes. You’ll receive the same tests as Intro (DUTCH and/or GI map) with directions on how to proceed. I’ll acquire a detailed health history from you and we’ll then proceed to session 2 when lab results come in.


Session 2

60-90 minutes. In this session, I’ll break down your results in easy to understand language and provide clarity into what’s really going on in your body and why it’s not your fault! We’ll look for clues into hidden physiological stressors and I’ll provide you with a detailed protocol, giving you the tools and information you need to start bringing these your body back into balance. 

Sessions 3-6

50 minutes. Sessions 3-6 are super-charged and tailored to you, based on the 5 pillars of health. We’ll dig deep to uncover optimal forms of these pillars in conjunction with your lab results. Recommendations will be structured around your lifestyle and individualized in a way that is realistic AND effective.


Pillars of health covered through sessions 3-6 include:

Protocol adjustments will also be made if needed during this package.

By the end of this 3-month period, YOU’LL finally be in control of your own health and have the tools and knowledge to keep yourself in check!

Wondering if this package is for you? Contact me today for a free strategy session to find out more.