Healthy Soma Premium

This intensive package is designed to provide constant support and accountability to help you make the behavior and lifestyle changes needed, so that you can ensure long term success.

This program is NOT a diet or generalized advice. It’s an individualized program tailored to YOUR test results, YOUR symptoms, YOUR history and YOUR lifestyle. We’ll dig deep to find out what may be holding you back, why it’s holding you back and how to change your internal script.

Stop wasting time, money and energy and fads and diets. Discover the REAL reason your struggling and change THAT instead. As a result, weight, digestive issues, fatigue and all other symptoms will then eventually resolve themselves.

You’re not crazy!

Foundational imbalances can lead to all sorts of symptoms that are sub-clinical. Bad enough to affect the quality of your life but not severe enough to be diagnosed by the medical establishment. By the time diagnosis DOES happen, the dysfunction has been going on for a long time.

By investing in this long term program, you’ll eventually gain the knowledge and the tools that YOU need to finally be able to thrive and not just survive…in exactly the way nature intended you to.

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This program is for you if you:

  • Tried other alternatives and failed to make them stick

  • Struggle with maintaining habit change and know that you need the accountability, guidance and space provided to make changes 

  • Are seeking support and collaboration offered through twice monthly, one on one coaching sessions so that you can keep yourself in check

  • Suffer from long term chronic gut conditions that require long term commitment for health improvement

Healthy Soma Premium includes constant check-ins and unlimited email support. 

It’s hard to make the changes needed for long term success.

I know. I’ve been there.

And one thing I’ve learned from the process is that as a women, having a coach that supports, encourages, AND calls me out when I have every excuse in the book, is a MUST for long term permanent change.

Stop the excuses, gain your health AND energy back today! Here’s how we’ll do it:

Session 1

30-45 minutes. You’ll receive the same tests as Intro (DUTCH and/or GI Map) with directions on how to proceed. I’ll acquire a detailed health history from you and we’ll then proceed to session 2 when lab results come in.


Session 2

60-90 minutes. In this session, I’ll break down your results in easy to understand language and provide clarity into what’s really going on in your body and why it’s not your fault! We’ll look for clues into hidden physiological stressors and I’ll provide you with a detailed protocol, giving you the tools and information you need to start bringing your body back into balance. 

Sessions 3-12

50 minutes. Sessions 3-12 are tailored to you, based on the 5 pillars of health. We’ll dig deep to uncover optimal forms of these pillars in conjunction with your lab results. Recommendations will be structured around your lifestyle and individualized in a way that is realistic AND effective.

Pillars of health covered through sessions 3-12 include:


Protocol adjustments are constantly made to fit your lifestyle. Why? So your success can be permanent and realistically maintained. Health is NOT a one size fits all approach!

Start your health journey, discover the real cause of your health issues and start experiencing relief!

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Please note: Some practitioners charge more for their tests; I don’t. All tests ordered through me are at cost price. Click HERE for additional tests I work with.

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