Healthy Soma Intro

This package is approximately 1 month long and you must complete one of 2 labs; Dutch 101 and/or GI Map.

Why do you have to start with one of these 2 labs?
Because with these results we can assess the following:

  • Hormone and adrenal health: common dysfunctions that affect your weight, energy and overall health.

1) Cortisol – How much you’re making and how much your using.
2) Sex hormones – How much you’re making, how your body uses them and how your body detoxifies from them.

  • Liver function and SigA levels: many times the root cause of stagnant weight, chronic health issues and/or hormone imbalance.

  • Inflammation: particularly the sub-clinical type (meaning the type you can’t feel). Markers on these tests will provide clues into possible sources of inflammation and/or overall levels.

  • Overall gut function: dysbiosis, parasites, pathogens, bacterial over growths are all areas of measurement that affect our overall health and/or weight issues.

With these markers, you’ll find out what’s going on in your body and how these results relate to your symptoms! And most importantly: what to do about it.

Not only is the information they provide invaluable and needed for your customized protocol, but you’ll finally be able to see why your symptoms are not your fault!

Session 1

30-45 minutes. You’ll receive your tests with directions on how to proceed. I’ll acquire a detailed health history from you and we’ll then proceed to session 2 when lab results come in.

Session 2

60-90 minutes. In this session, I’ll break down your results in easy to understand language and provide clarity into what’s really going on in your body, and why it’s not your fault! We’ll look for clues into hidden physiological malfunctions and I’ll provide you with a detailed protocol, giving you the tools and information you need to start bringing these malfunctions back into balance.

Finally start the process of living symptom free

Contact me for pricing, questions and/or want to get started.