Do you want to stop chasing your symptoms?

Are you constantly playing whack-a-mole with your health? Do you want to stop the yo-yo dieting? You “treat” one symptom only to have another, seemingly, unrelated one show up shortly after?

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition uses lab testing and the principles of functional medicine to help you bring your body back into balance and full vitality, so you can stop the cycle of trial and error!


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In the traditional medical world, the symptom is often mistaken for the problem. We see our doctor when symptoms arise with the hope that they will make our symptoms disappear. This can leave us with the impression that the symptom and the problem are one in the same…not true!

The functional health practitioner understands that by the time a person experiences symptoms, up to 50% of core function may already be compromised.

Although symptom relief is important, the focus is on restoring 100% core function. When the body is functioning at full capacity, symptoms tend to fall away on their own.

Weight gain, digestive discomfort, fatigue are just the tip of the iceberg. Core function has been compromised for a long time, prior to these symptoms appearing!

The functional practitioner doesn’t chase symptoms or diagnose disease. Rather, he/she views a person’s symptoms and health history as clues to what body systems may be out of balance and in need of support. When the body is brought back into balance through safe and natural protocols, health and vitality is restored and symptoms disappear!

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition works with your body as a WHOLE.

I work with a 5 pillar health system using the principles of Functional Medicine and constantly ask “what are the underlying causes?”.

By identifying (through testing and observation) and bringing imbalances BACK to BALANCE, you can start enjoying better health and wellbeing. 

In conjunction with the 5 pillar health system, we test and don’t guess. That way we know what your body needs to enjoy full optimal vitality.

I invest the time that is necessary to educate, guide, and help you resolve your symptoms once and for all.

This list is not exhaustive. If you need a specific type of test, just ask. Modern day testing options are unlimited and as a certified FDN-P, I can help you navigate through these options and acquire what you need. Many practitioners mark up test prices. I do NOT. You will pay cost for these tests.

  • DUTCH Test (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones): Cortisol metabolites, Free Cortisol Pattern, Estrogen and Androgen Metabolites, Basic Hormones, Melatonin, Nutritional Organic Acids
  • Leaky Gut (Intestinal Permeability) Assessments
  • GI Screens: H.Pylori, Ova and Parasites, Bacterial Culture, Yeast
  • SIBO
  • Metabolism Assessment Profile: Indican, Bile Acids, Lipid Peroxides
  • Food/Gluten Intolerances
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis


Gastrointestinal: Intestinal Permeability

Mediator Release Test (MRT): Food Intolerance

GI Microbial Assay Plus (GI-MAP)


As your Practitioner, I:

 Advise and guide you on your current diet, sleep, exercise and stress management routines and provide supportive recommendations so that you can manage your own health.

Recommend any testing you need to help you identify hidden internal stressors. Note: I do not recommend tests that are not relevant to your symptoms.

 Interpret & explain your Functional Lab tests results, making natural recommendations based off of the 5 pillar health system and bring your body back into balance.

 Check in and support you on your health journey

 Introduce you to healthy cooking and eating techniques (fermentation and traditional styles) that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine.


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